The BEE-H6 transporter is a very versatile utility platform, that is well-suited - by the low operating costs - for many applications


  • Reconnaissance, safeguarding
  • Police, border control, law enforcement
  • Environmental protection
  • Wildlife & rain forest monitoring
  • Disaster control: fire, earthquake, flooding


  • Photogrammetry, mapping, 3D-monitoring
  • Coastal Survey
  • Building-, power-line-, pipeline maintenance
  • Environmental-, pollution-, scientific observation
  • Crop enhancement


  • Supply in inaccessible and congested areas
  • Military equipment, ammunition
  • Urgent Cargo: e.g. organs, blood, medicine

Air work

  • Agricultural, spraying, dusting
  • Supply in inaccessible terrain
  • Air work on construction site
  • Transport to/from building site
  • Mining, exploration

Industries & Operators

Adressing the Market

Derived from the huge potential of possible applications, customer groups with the most urgent need for the solution offered and those taking the utmost benefit from it.

  • Big Industrial Entities
    (saving cost, enhancing safety & security, transport)
  • Service Entities
    (saving cost, broader range of services)
  • Agriculture Suppliers for agricultural technology
    (yield enhancement, gaining additional business)
  • Construction Business, Construction Machinery
    (hastening construction progress, saving cost)
  • Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs), medical, environmental
    (nature protection, humanitarian, saving lives)
  • Governmental Entities, Federal Police
    (law enforcement, fire protection, saving lives, reducing damage)
  • Light Helicopter Operators
    (gaining additional business)

BEE appliance assists established producers of crafts and devices in the development of tailored eVTOLs for these markets.

The leading edge of autonomous VTOL transportation

BEE crafts can perfectly complement the market for utility vehicles.

By its simplicity in concept, the operational cost for a VTOL craft can be cut in half. This facilitates a range of applications, no other craft can comply with. BEE crafts will operate in markets that open up today and will serve applications that are waiting for a cost-efficient “High Payload Drone”.

BEE crafts are intelligent, environmentally friendly, multipurpose VTOLs with a future-proof power train technology, that can be produced in volume at low cost.